Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes—don’t resist them. Let things naturally flow forward in whatever way they like, and then just watch the magic.

It all began when I went into fabric; with my dad running his business in China and all, I planned to follow in the footsteps of the big boss. Cotton, Rayon, Linen, Chashmere, Silk, and Wool—I picked up on pretty much everything real fast; but being the girl with quite an intuition, I saw more for myself.

I liked the colors, the mixing and matching, the golden, glistening accessories. I liked things that spoke to me—that moved me. So, on the way back home, I bought a couple of home decoration accessories from here and there, and I randomly posted my first items online.

And when people start to communicate—respond, reciprocate, you’d take that as a sign. You know that quiet quiet voice inside that barely whispers? Telling you to go big, go grand! It never shouts; it barely whispers—you just need to listen close. And so I did.

There you have it. The girl behind it all: By Nataly! Welcome to ByNatHome, your all-time favorite home interior online store!